Essay about Bullying: Thesis Statement?

I need to write a paper about bullying. I kind of want to write about genders and how girls are starting to bully a lot more (something along those lines), but I can't seem to come up with a good/strong thesis and it's stressing me out! It doesn't have to be about the genders.. but I thought that is easiest..Can someone PLEASE help?

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3 Responses to “Essay about Bullying: Thesis Statement?”

  1. tetraglot says:

    One unintended and unwelcome consequence of increased gender equality is an alarming increase in both the number of girls who are bullying others and the severity of the acts of bullying.

  2. redarn says:

    Your idea might not be the easiest, but if that’s what interests you, you should pursue it.Historically, bullying has been carried on mostly by males, but now more and more girls are guilty of bullying.

  3. appreciated says:

    As a teacher, I do not see you proving that one sex has a monopoly on bullying…but, hey, I could be wrong! My suggestion, try to get a copy or see Oprah’s show this past week on this issue. Kids are KILLING themselves. My answer? Put a cop in each and every classroom. Practical, no.But, I’ve seen it all. It is not pretty. Stay with it, though.