I have some literature questions. Please help!?

1. An element that is essential to a classical novel is _____. A. a doctrine B. an evil antagonist C. a handsome protagonist D. a suitable subject2. _____ is not one of the main components of literary criticism. A. Analysis B. Paraphrase C. Evaluation D. Interpretation3. In writing a critical review of a novel, you should choose as your subject _____. A. everything in a novel B. an approach that can be declared in one sentence C. the retelling of the plot4. The primary task of the critical essayist who deals solely with the meaning of content is _____. A. interpretation B. analysis C. evaluation5. In Silas Marner, the character Nancy Lammeter could be described as _____. A. responsible and attractive B. poor and shrewish C. plain and simple6. Silas Marner might be considered a novel of _____. A. motives B. manners C. incident D. sentiment7. The turning point in the story that occurs when characters try to resolve the complication is the _____. A. climax B. exposition C. resolution D. complication 8. The set of events that bring the story to a close is the _____. A. climax B. exposition C. resolution D. complication9. The information needed to understand a story is the _____. A. climax B. exposition C. resolution D. complication10. The catalyst that begins the major conflict is the _____. A. climax B. exposition C. resolution D. complication

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  1. phylactery says:

    1. a2. c3. c4. a5. b6. a7. d8. c9. d10. a

  2. siskels says:

    1.a2.b3.b4.a5.?6.?7.a – climax8. c -resolution9. b- exposition10 d -complication