Night By Elie Wiesel?

Hello everyone,With the book Night, By Elie WieselI have to write a one full-page essay on what I leared about myself while reading the book and how I believe I will make my decisions about college and college life.Thing is I'm a really good bullshitter, and I need you guy's help bullshitting on this essay. Who ever read it, if you can please find me a really good point in this book and help me out. How I believe I will make my decisions about college and life... we'll it doesn't matter. Help me bullshit a good answer. Get me going, I will really appreciate it.Note: What I learned can totally be made up, and what I believe on how I will make my decisions can be made up to. It doesn't matter. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “Night By Elie Wiesel?”

  1. upgirds says:

    I’m sorry….by Night isn’t the sort of book that anyone should be bullshitting stuff about. Its based on true horrific events. Read the book.Think about it.Then write something from the heart.

  2. knowers says:

    shameless, but truthful. wow. Here’s a question for you, what is it about? Really think about it. If you read it and felt nothing, I’m sorry for you.

  3. tmpbyte says:

    I’ll help you a little give you an ideal to think about but thats all because i believe you should do your own work especially when it’s based on your opinion but you should think about how you shouldn’t take life for granted because not every one is able to get the opportunities you can and that taking the opportunities to go to college, which every one doesn’t do………………………………..… NOW START YOUR PAPER