Essay for English on Persons of Magnitude.?

I have to write an essay on three persons of magnitude from the subjects of History, Science, and English. YOu are supposed to come up with your own deffinition of "person of magnitude" and write a five paragraph essy explaining why each of the three persons deserves the award. For the intro you have to introduce the idea of "person of magnitude" award and define your criteria for the candidates, with a these that is original, sophisticated and provable. Can you help me with the three people in Science, English, and History; and an idea for the intro. Thanks a lot.

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  1. advaces says:

    Hi! I guess you are from University High School right? You have Ms. Kris Arnds, right.I don’t want to cheat, but I want to tell you something.Annie Sullivan will be a choice for 9 out of 10 students. If you can think of something else or you are not that good, don’t write it. Since you will be compared to others and also you can’t stand out of the crowd. Your arguments won’t be strong and unique. Also Galileo and Copernicus will be popular.Good Luck on your essay!Go Trojans!

  2. godlings says:

    Science: Albert Einstein,Find more here: [external link] …English: William ShakespeareFind more here: [external link] : George SantayanaFind more here: [external link] …The rest is up to you!

  3. nocking says:

    Persons of magnitude would be those who have followed the ‘win-win’ philosophy. They have enjoyed their work and they have brought enjoyment and enlightenment to others through their work…changing the face of this earth….revolutionariesEnglish: ShakespeareScience: EinsteinHistory: Mahatma Gandhi

  4. Aplacophora says:

    Einstien! J.K. Rowling! Hitler!They all affected the world in different ways, but the way that they did was of a grand factor. Thus why they are persons of magnitude.