How do I send a document if the person I’m sending it to does not have my word program?

I have to send an essay to my teacher, but I know the school computers don't have my word program which is WordPerfect. They have the standard Microsoft Word. How do I send it to my teacher so that it is readable? I was thinking about just pasting it into the email itself, but since the essay is MLA style(double spaced and 4 pages long) it'd be complicated.

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3 Responses to “How do I send a document if the person I’m sending it to does not have my word program?”

  1. Polyodon says:

    Go into the Wordperfect program and hit save as…. on the drop down list (area where your file name is) find Word 2000 ect on the list. This will save the document in the word format so they can open it.

  2. persist says:

    You can either save the file in Rich Text Format, or a .txt. Another alternative is getting a great free program called “OpenOffice” which can save in all office formats.Dane

  3. Cryptophyceae says:

    on the save option there should be an option to save as plain text, this is readable by word and loads of other programmes