Need Help With An short essay on Julius Cesar Plz Help?

A protagonist is the character in a story or play around whom the action centers. Scholars often debate who is the true protagonist in Julius Caesar. The fact that the play is named for Caesar makes it seem as if Shakespeare intended Caesar to be the protagonist. But Brutus has much more stage time than Caesar, and his problems are central to the plot. Compare and contrast the characters of Julius Caesar and Brutus. Craft a thesis statement, and discuss the similarities and differences in the character traits and motivations of each man. Use examples of their words, actions, or interactions with others to support what you say. Finally, decide which character you think is the true protagonist of the play and explain why. Remember to write a conclusion.

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    Julius Caesar – Analyses Of Characters [external link] Caesar – Brutus Character Analysis [external link] List: [external link]

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    Hmmm Julius Caesar is indeed the true protagonist of the Play. Although he is present on stage for a relatively short while, the audience is never allowed to forget that it is the murder of Julius Caesar which is directing the action of the play. Mark Anthony makes his famous speech because of Caesar’s assassination..Brutus and the others die because they have murdered Caesar-do you see the pattern?Moreover one of the many reasons why Shakespeare presents Caesar’s ghost (although the debate about the ghost is rather complex) is to remind his audience that it is CEASAR who lies at the very basis of the whole play. If you need homework help, you could try the site [external link] it has a section with homework help and is completely FREE.