While there are characters in the novel to kill a mocking bird who show courage, cowardice is present to. how?

i have to write an essay on to kill a mocking bird about which characters have courage and cowardice in their emotions.

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3 Responses to “While there are characters in the novel to kill a mocking bird who show courage, cowardice is present to. how?”

  1. didepside says:

    If you have read the book, this should be pretty easy. So many characters in the book are strong, and yet they come across many who are weak. I think the main area to look at would be obvious – the court case. Make a list of who is strong and who is weak. Atticus is clearly very strong and has a lot of courage, but what about Mr. Ewell? What about the men who condemn Tom Robinson? Cowardice is in many ways the act of avoidance. Who avoids the truth in this novel? And how? Who is afraid of somethnig? Who is afraid to stand up for what is right?Also, I think you should think about the character of Boo Radley.

  2. erases says:

    the courage is to attack the bird in the first place.and cowardice is because they attacked something that can’t defend itself against such attacks…a mockingbird is defenceless..

  3. haggler says:

    My feelings towards this subject matter is that you have to find out for yourself. If I said Mayella does not necessarily show cowardice as modern culture would deem it but was rather damaged from an abusive and downtrodden past to the point where she could hardly make her decision and feared for her own life by the true cowardice that is her father then would that mean anything? (Run-on sentences ftw.)Btw Atticus is probably the best name I’ve read in a long while. And, worse comes to worse, as I’ve said a million times to contradict my poor ailing English professors, Wikipedia and PinkMonkey are your friends.