HELP! i need a essay hook on the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”?

i need a essay hook on how Boo Radly and Tom Robinson represents a mockingbird. the book is called "To kill a mockingbird"

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13 Responses to “HELP! i need a essay hook on the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”?”

  1. overattentively says:

    Read the book. It’s a classic and it won’t hurt you to read it. In fact, you’ll probably be a better person for the experience.

  2. asclepius says:

    did you read the book?

  3. trisector says:

    “a essay”? Learn to speak the Englishes! Have you ever heard of the word “an”? Ye gods.There are a lot of ways you can approach an essay hook. If your teacher lets you, you can open the essay with a question that’ll get your readers thinking. You could open it by describing a mockingbird (in the metaphorical sense), or introducing Boo and Tom Robinson, or or or. All sorts of options. Hope one of those ideas helps.

  4. hysterogenous says:

    Tom represents the mocking bird because he dies for something he didn’t do. as addicus said that mocking birds just sing they don’t bother you. well tom didn’t bother anyone.

  5. aracana says:

    Me 2 i just put its about that one thing

  6. capillary says:

    hahah , i just did that like a week ago . get the spark notes off the computer , thats what i did .

  7. heartily says:

    Throughout life people are steriotyped, misread, and seen as something they aren’t. This can often have severe impacts on the persons life and the way they interact with the world around them. The strong image of the mockingbird is represented through several characters in (Authors name i can’t remember)’s To Kill A Mocking Bird such as Boo and Tom Robinson.

  8. dishonorer says:

    I never read but, my friend is reading that book! Sorry

  9. cyanidin says:

    for the first sentence, capture the audience with something they can relate to like:in our society, innocent people, much like mockingbirds, are discrimminated against.then in the second sentence go into detail by saying something like:in the novel to kill a mocking bird by harper lee, tom robinson and boo radley are seen as mockingbirds in their town of maycombstate you supporting arguments and your thesis, then you have your introduction paragraph!I hope i helped! I had to read this book and write a similar essay last semester.i got 84% in the course ;)

  10. disgracious says:

    Well i read this book. They represent a mockingbird because a mocking bird does no harm to people, crops, all it does is sit there and sing music. Boo Radley rrepresents these ccharacteristics beause he has never harmed a fly, and did n’t do anything to hurt ayone. same with tom. the other guy framed him, and sinse he is black the white man wins…

  11. endtime says:

    hey i no u u go to mms and need help on your reportwho u have for hula?

  12. morcote says:

    Boo Radly and Tom are rezemble mockingbirds because they do nothing for people but help. like mockingbirds, they sing and they’re music is so beautiful no one finds them annoying. So Tom and Boo don’t ever harm and don’t ever make the town a mess.hope this helps.

  13. warrantableness says:

    Tom and Boo are innocents just as the mockingbird is innocent. Start from there. If you have read the book, which I highly recommend, it will make sense.