English help! please?

I am reading Romeo and Juliet and have read Act 1 and now I have this test thing. It wants me to right a short essay contrasting Lord Capulet and Romeo and I have to give examples of how the actions and statements of each show that Lord Capulet is older and Romeo is younger. Please help me. I know the obvious differences like that one is Capulet and the other Montague, but I need more. I have to write 2 paragraphs.

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  1. usr/Tex says:

    I really don’t want to do your hw since that might be cheating and it two paragraphs isn’t so much. I had to write a 12 pg essay that you have to have perfect everything and have a huge tests, write a whole paper 5 paragraphs on a timed test that’s long in 45 minutes so this won’t kill you. You should go and see other websites and read the summaries about act 1. My favorite is sparknotes since they have a lot of good info on all the acts and chapter of a story and they give you an analysis on it. Very good website. If you still need further help then try asking a friend or your teacher to help you get some ideas.