Succubus and Incubus in Dracula?

I'm writing an essay for my english class over the novel Dracula and I was given the terms succubus and incubus to write about. After reading the novel, I would think Dracula is the incubus and the 3 girl vampires (the Brides of Dracula) and Lucy are the succubus's in some way, but after researching the technical definition of those terms, I'm not 100% sure how they go together and am quite lost. If someone could just give me their opinion of how those two terms relate to the novel and set me on some sort of path, I'd really appreciate it.I asked this question earlier and some people responded with they don't go together at all, but that is not a response I can write about for my essay. Maybe there are similarities that can be found? Or maybe I should write about how they aren't similar? I'm just really confused.

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2 Responses to “Succubus and Incubus in Dracula?”

  1. drainpipe says:

    Succubus and Incubus are evil spirits and Dracula, I would also say is evil, but people have been mentally disturbed enough to drink blood and bathe in blood, etc.Succubus was a female who had sex with sleeping men or while they were sleeping. It stems from mythological Lilith the evil Eve.Incubus was a male who had sex with sleeping females or while they were sleeping. Medieval legend claims that these evil spirits prey on human beings which is much like what Dracula did. However, Dracula is a fictional character and evil spirits are mentioned quite frequently in the Holy Bible which has been around for thousands of years. I will say since the Irish author wrote Dracula, Satanic cults have lived out some of the horrible bloody parts of the book.The evil spirits of the Bible come down from the fallen angels called Watchers that went into the daughters of men and had sex with them and their children became giants. Goliath of “David and Goliath”was a giant from the seed of the serpent. The Bible calls them Nephilim, Zamzummim, Emim (fearful ones), Rephaim (the dead ones), and Anakim (long-necked ones). Og of Bashan in the Bible was one.While you are at your story, throw in Sigmund Freud because he also related everything to sex. But then look at our world today and how sex is used and abused and twists the minds of men and women.Read the Book of Enoch online. It explains how the 200 angels of God called sons of God were told to watch mankind and the angels started lusting after the women. The angels rebelled against God and took for themselves wives of the women and taught the human race many evil things. Their offspring were called giants or men of renown. The giants ate all of man’s food and then started eating the people. Their offsprings were very evil and they even corrupted the bloodline of animals by mixing with animals genetically and created Satyrs and Chimeras or half animal/half man creatures.

  2. wolcott says:

    -both evil, both obsessed with sex.-both kill thier victims after getting what they want (succubi only want sex and to make more demon babies)