Are the words “Pharmacy” and “Pharmacist” supposed to be Capitalized?

I am applying to a college and I have to write about why I am doing pharmacy and why I want to be a pharmacist. Should those words (pharmacy and pharmacist) be capitalized in my essay?Thank you!

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2 Responses to “Are the words “Pharmacy” and “Pharmacist” supposed to be Capitalized?”

  1. dichondra says:

    As a general rule, no; they’re not proper nouns, so there’s no need to capitalise.There are some instances where capitalisation would be correct (eg if it were a title (“I’m applying for the job of Pharmacist-in-Chief”), or at the start of a sentence) but normally, capitalisation is not required.

  2. squashberry says:

    No, not unless you are referring to a specific pharmacy (Rite Aid Pharmacy) or starting a sentence with the word, of course.