Should I apply Early Decision to Brown or am I way too late?

I'm a high school senior and i'm applying to brown university.the thing is, i was planning on doing early decision the whole timeand now i realized that i fell really behind. It's October 13th, and then the application is due November 1st if I do early decision. I asked one teacher for letter of recommendation and i havent even began my first draft for my college essay. everyday is pretty busy for me as i do tennis, 2 different clubs, and 5 ap classes.... the only reason im sticking to early decision idea is that ED applicants have higher chances of getting in than regular decision ones. and i really want to go to the school....... what do you think? am i able to pull together my app in approximately 2 weeks? or should i just stick to regular decision and finish it by january 1st? im in a big dilemma here and i know im such a lazy bum.

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3 Responses to “Should I apply Early Decision to Brown or am I way too late?”

  1. relic's says:

    Well, your the only one who really knows if you will be able to apply with a good essay and good letters of recommendation by November 1. Personally, I’d say try if its the school you have been dreaming of, but if you have plenty of other schools which would make you happy, maybe not.

  2. belleek says:

    Don’t rush it. You risk the chance of handing in a sloppy, poorly written, and embarrassing essay that can ruin your chances for acceptance. Apply for regular decision.

  3. dephlegmedness says:

    Brown says on the admissions site that Early Decision is by no means an advantage for applicants, it is simply an early notification. The reason that acceptance is much higher during Early Decision is due to the fact that many extremely qualified people (athletes and legacies especially) apply ED. Since the pool is stronger, it makes sense that more would get accepted. Note: I think that you have a slight boost in ED, but it’s very small.If you were to apply ED to brown, you would need 2 teacher recs (I think..), an (ACT with writing / SAT) and at least 2 SAT Subjects tests, hopefully a resume, and then 2 short essays, the common app essay and one long essay. If you haven’t started the common app forms, it might be cutting it close. Also, asking 2 teachers for recs is short notice, but they will probably understand. I just want you to know that if you feel like the quality of your recommendation will be lessened if you applied ED, then you shouldn’t apply ED. You want the best application you can. If you can do it in two weeks though, go for it. Good luck!