I am willing to pay $$$ for original essays – college level?

Your Open QuestionShow me another » I am willing to pay $$$ for original essays - college level?Writing good essays is to hard. Any good writers out there who want a few extra bucks for a good essay that will get A's? I am not in high school, I'm in college. I got a big essay due ON THURSDAY and I didn't even start. The essay needs to be about an event in my life so you can just make it up. I'm willing to pay $100 to $200 for a good essay. Please answer your lowest asking price for an essay, what qualifications you have in essay writing, and your GPA earned while in english classes. Also include a contact e-mail, I'll accept an offer today then please get my essay done tomorrow by 8pm eastern time. Please make an original essay and not one copied off the internet because I'll copy off the internet if nobody will write my essay for me, thanks.If your essay gives me an "A" then you'll love it when I get you to do more essays for me and you'll get more money.If your essay gets me a B then you'll get 60% of what is agreed upon. If my essay gets a C then you'll only get 25% of what's agreed. Any lower grade and you'll get nothing.please please someone help meHow will my professor know that I copied it when it's made by scratch by someone else? They won't. Don't try and convience me that it's impossible to cheat. One time during 12th grade I had an essay due in 4 minutes during in high school. My science class ended and english was the next class. So instead of going to my locker and then go to english class I went directly to a library computer, copied one paragraph off the net, copy and pasted it 5 times fast, put my name/period/date and printed it out fast. I ran to english class and got there just before the bell rang and turned it in, I felt overwhelming joy when I got my 3 minute essay back with a "passing mark" :-)I went to college to also graduate from beers and parties, not doing bullshit essays and reading all day long. Learning calculus, peloponnesian wars, and making essays is going to help me after I get a job? I think not!

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4 Responses to “I am willing to pay $$$ for original essays – college level?”

  1. undripping says:

    Thats actually funny. What exactly is needed to be done, how many pages are your looking for, What sort of story would you like to have, and do you have good editing skills. I might be able to help. I took honors english through out my high school. I averaged a B because i skipped school a lot during my senior year. Im in community college and i help alot of my friends with there papers cause all my friends are pretty dumb.

  2. Brandenburg says:

    I agree with A.Red.AlmondYou are despicable, and should be ashamed.So should everyone who helps him, your helping him cheat, lie, and dig himself into a massive hole, just for some extra cash.And have some respect for those who actually care about their education, don’t call them ‘nerds’ because they have a talent, especially if you want their help!Who is paying for you to go to collage? Your parents? How would they feel if they knew they were wasting their money on a son who parties, drinks and doesn’t give a crap about school.Do everyone a favor and drop out. You might be the person who took the place of another, one who really wanted to learn, you spoilt selfish brat!

  3. antedon says:

    Hahaha..so brutally honest @ “i go to college for parties”Well, I can do it if you pay me BEFORE getting your essay because I can’t wait till you get your grade back ..how do I know you wont just run off with the essay? So, if you agree, then I can give you my email. I was in the IB program and a straight A student in high school. I’ve gotten numerous awards and scholarship money due to my writing abilities in English class. Right now I’m in a university program which is tougher to get into than medical school itself. So, I guess you can make your own inferences from that. It’s strange though that your college English class has an essay where you describe an event in your life. That sounds like what they would do in middle school because it’s so rudimentary.

  4. WinJPEG says:

    You are sad and ignorant.People like you shouldn’t be given the opportunity to get an education when millions of people are busting a gut, and working so hard, and praying every night, hoping that they will be able to finish school, get a job and feed their family.How do you expect to be able to work if you have no knowledge of anything?At some point in time, you will have to do work, I know it might be a hard concept to grasp, but guess what? MONEY DOESN’T GET YOU EVERYWHERE!You disgust me, I hope nobody helps you, and you fail your class.You would deserve it.-Gemimap.s it isn’t very smart to announce on the internet that you cheat and would pay money to people if they help you, it’s very easy for collage professorss, future employers and the cops to track you, but you wouldn’t know that would you? because you don’t pay attention in class!