When writing an essay on a person, how do you make it your own, instead of just a copy and paste?

when talking about their background and influences etc.?i'm finding it hard to put everything into my own wordsany advice?thanks in advance

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5 Responses to “When writing an essay on a person, how do you make it your own, instead of just a copy and paste?”

  1. fernwort says:

    Read what you’ve printed. If it’s not sinking in try reading it out loud. Sometimes when you ‘hear’ what’s being said it makes more sense.When trying to write it imagine you are telling someone about it. Your more likely to use the words you use, rather than what is said in the text of the article.If there are any words you don’t understand use a dictionary / spell-check. If you can’t find a word you want to use, use a thesaurus. That will give you words that have similar meanings.

  2. stoof says:

    easy. let’s say this paragraphThe cat was pure evil. Why did grandma ever give it to him? Oh me. Oh my.Change it toGrandma gave the boy an evil cat. Oh No!

  3. bethesda says:

    try to find the main idea and rephrase it in your own words using synonyms.

  4. JBorgia says:

    My advice to you would be to be creative. No, you can’t make things up about the person you are writing about, but you can put it into your own words. For example, you may use a Thesaurus. If you are reading about the person, take a word that the author used, and use the Thesaurus. Then you can mix the words you found into your own essay.Good luck!

  5. berycoidean says:

    subsitute your own words, reword, right click a word and scroll down to synonyms (Microsoft Word only), or delete some sentances