Who is a person you truly despise, and why?

Hey everybody,I'm in grad school and I am taking this creative writing class just for some fun. We have to write a 5-8 page "biography" sort of story/essay on a person we truly despise.I'm just having a really tough time getting my mind going to think of somebody I despise enough to write 5 pages about! So, who do you despise, and why? This can be celebrity, family, friend, foe, anything!I look forward to hearing your stories!Thanks :)

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3 Responses to “Who is a person you truly despise, and why?”

  1. unfeignably says:

    Crazypants… She is my ex, and she tried to kill me by running me over in her truck.She wants to sue me now, saying that it was all my fault.She is truely nuts, and if It were legal to f*’k her gently with a chainsaw, I would. In a heartbeat…

  2. parodying says:

    My sister Ever since I was a little kid she has been ruining my life she is probably why I don’t like people like her she calls me ugly and crazy because I am depressed and she says she hates me every day. If I could beat her to a pulp I would but she is my parents favorite she calls me a geek and says I have a man voice and she terrorizes my brother on a daily basis my happiest memories were before she was born I know I sound mean but it’s true she is the princess of darkness

  3. Baconist says:

    Sarah Palin