Could read through this and just tell me whether or not its strong, you dont have to edit or anything. It's to get into a college. Thank you!Essay Option 3: Spanish poet Antonio Machado wrote, 'Between living and dreaming there is a third thing. Guess it.' Give us your guess. My breath comes in gasps and there is a burning stitch in my left side but I continue to run ahead. The silver armor weighs me down but my life depends on my silence. I kneel behind a bush, my sword laying on the floor, and eye the monster in the distance. Its red body was scaly and large, though its long neck was slim. A series of sharp spikes jutted out of its back and its teeth were stained scarlet from the blood of the victims from the village. A slight tremor shakes my body while sweat clings to my skin but I hold a tighter grasp on the sword and sneak up behind the beast, praying my racing heart does not give me away. The dragon’s reflexes had slowed after slaughtering the village but its nose had smelled the scent of a living human. Its head quickly swung around and when its large, fiery eye had found me, it clawed the ground and unleashed shattering roar that shook the earth and pressed against my eardrums. I rose my sword in defiance and- BRIIIING! The alarm is silenced as I smack it to the ground. I am in a different world now, fighting different dragons. Living comes with costs. A ball may rise in the air but the laws of gravity push it back to the ground and the same rules apply to us. If someone wanted to succeed or even live a normal life then they would be in the hands of the social laws they were born into. They have a rank in life and it is not socially acceptable to waver from it, unless connections with those in power were made. As the motto goes, life is unfair but it is so only because we make it accordingly. We are afraid to express the truth or revolt against injustice for the fear that such risks could end our life. Yet the most glorious phenomenon of living is our emotions. Our passions and zest are kindled in our dreams but when they are awakened, it creates amazing wonders and renders our chains useless. In this world, our dragons are the people that bind us in shackles but there are precious few knights that would stand and fight. Take a breath, it’s free, yet we never will be. Not from the laws governing our existence. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Your heart beats a ferocious rhythm as your head is submerged underwater. As the seconds trickle, your lungs burn for new breath as your head is about to burst with the compressing pressure. Maniac panic sets in and with a burst of desperate energy you fight harder to get your head above the water. The brain, frantic to preserve itself, shuts off all nonessential body parts and slows down your heart until it barely thumps in your chest. One last seizure quivers through your body and as an air bubble escapes your lips, you drifts to death’s embrace. This is reality, the third plane of existence that slumbers between what is life and what is delusions. It is as unfeeling as pure truth and just as maddening. It is callous in that if it finds that there is no use for you, it will obliterate your existence. Just as the brain functioned to save itself, reality is just as cold and will destroy anyone not willing to have the strength to pull through. There is no room for self pity or whimsical dreams; you either fight for what you want or fail and be crushed.

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