What does it mean when someone Latino calls you “essay” (sp?)?

"Ese" literally means "it," and it is an insult when used to a person. It means that you are less than human. The "ghetto boyz" may use it to mean "homeboy," but if you aren't one of the "gang," you're being dissed. By all means, never use it to a person you don't intend to fight immediately!

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6 Responses to “What does it mean when someone Latino calls you “essay” (sp?)?”

  1. reupholster says:

    Depending on the converstation it can mean, brother, friend or buddy.

  2. deeryard says:

    Its not essay.. its ese.. which means “that guy” but usually just means homie.. and for the record not ALL latinos use it, so please don’t generalize.. thank you, and i hope i answered your question without offending you :) Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  3. caliber says:

    It means he thinks you are a short story.

  4. obbligatos says:

    That means partner, hommie.

  5. capraro says:

    it’s like saying hey “man” look “dude” …i think

  6. redressible says:

    i think its either like ‘homie’ or its bad…like ‘loser’ of worse