Why can’t I ever get a simple summary? Why must it be a plot overview or a synopsis?!?

Search-engines, I've noticed, don't give simple summaries anymore. I've given many chances for them to prove me wrong -- that there ARE still simple summaries on the web, and that I don't actually have to get the damn book from the library and look to the inside cover for a summary that won't SPOIL the story. Try to look up the summary for 'Catcher in the Rye' or 'Dracula', or even 'Jane Eyre'. You won't find a simple summary, but a slew of essays and detailed overviews. I guess I wrote this question to convey the tearful frustration I have endured and the great literary works I can't enjoy because of the spoiled start.

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2 Responses to “Why can’t I ever get a simple summary? Why must it be a plot overview or a synopsis?!?”

  1. yawkrap says:

    To enjoy great works of literature you are supposed to read them. But, I am guessing you wan to see what the books are about before going ahead and reading them. You can simply ask for it on yahoo answers. Which book would you like to know the basic summary of? Add it to your details and I will add to my answer.

  2. inhibitor says:

    There is no thinking involved at all in summaries–they are a waste of time and effort.