How would you deal with the birds in The Birds?

I need to write a essay on an attack plan for the book The Birds. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to kill/ settle with birds.

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5 Responses to “How would you deal with the birds in The Birds?”

  1. unproverbial says:

    Nuke them!

  2. perceptional says:

    well…. you could go to a zoo, get some tigers, lions, wolves, bears etc. and tame them, then bring them to the place, and have them attack. :) no jki would set out some raw meat with poison, or like anti-freeze, bleach, anything with chemicals in it, and go and hide, so the birds eat it all, and hopefully die

  3. damara says:

    One huge big giant net! Run!

  4. consing says:

    Flame thrower

  5. diagenetic says:

    i’d feed them avocado, everyone seems to say they die from that…