Reasons puppy mills are good?

I'm writing a persuasive essay and I have so many reasons why they are bad. My teacher needs us to see the "for" and "against" points to the argument, but I can't think of any solid reasons why they're good.

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24 Responses to “Reasons puppy mills are good?”

  1. wormuth says:

    Oh thats an awful topic to have to write a persuasive essay mainly cause there is nothing really good about puppy mills. I guess some “for” points could be that they are cheaper to get then from reputable breeders for people on a budget, location-wise its easier as people can just go to petstores to get them instead of driving hours away to a distant breeders, they have so many puppies you will never have to wait weeks or months to get your puppy as you might from a breeder. So I guess theres some points? Time, Distance, Money. But yes good luck on your essay writing!

  2. asymptote's says:

    They aren’t good in any way. the dogs are born with diseases because they make the ***** get pregnant so many times, they are either afraid or aggressive to people, and they are kept in a filthy place! PUPPY MILLS AREN’T GOOD!

  3. overweighs says:

    well they give the animal a home instead of just living on the street. other than that i see no good in them

  4. chdasic says:

    I hate puppy mills but I guess you could say they make different breeds more readily available for people.

  5. communs says:

    Only thing I can think of is that puppy mill dogs are cheap and puppy mills make dogs easily available? Otherwise they are horrible.

  6. platen's says:

    there aren’t any. honestly. if your teacher was bright and educated about puppy mills, (s)he would not tell you to write the pros and cons of it. you know the bad reasons. there’s not always pros to every situation.ADD: we are talking about the AVERAGE puppy mill. we aren’t talking about puppy mill breeders who take care of their puppies. those are few and far between.

  7. proindustry says:

    You can’t find any reasons why they are good because there are none. So, either you are going to have to pick another topic that does have both good and bad sides to it, OR be honest and up front by saying there are NO positive aspects to puppy mills.

  8. awuolle says:

    They are cheap and still need a place to call home? I used to hate persuasive essays b/c I didn’t want to waste time on the opposing points to mine, but for the grade use the money factor and they will still need a home.

  9. keypads says:

    Sierra HRELAX ITS A PERSUASIVE ESSAY GEEZ I”M SURE SHE KNOWS THAT ALREADY!silly! She gave a great answer you should ask you’re teacher

  10. AWS-NET says:

    Sounds like your teacher is teaching you to look at both sides of an issue, regardless if it seems very one sided. Perhaps a lesson posters here could use…I agree 100% that puppy mills exploit innocent animals in a very cruel way for exclusively for heartless people to make money. However, puppy mills are not the only practice out there that is cruel, inhumane and exploits innocent creatures for profit, so how can we look at it so you can write your paper?Puppy mills have evoked the sympathy of a lot of people, encouraging them to adopt and rescue dogs rather than buy purebred puppies of unknown origin. Puppy mills have also created a heightened sense of responsible breeding practices, perhaps dissuading some would be breeders and helping others to be more responsible when they do breed. Puppy mills have brought animal abuse to the forefront of our society. People are less tolerant of abuse now, so it could be said that puppy mills are such a huge negative, that now people are less tolerant of animal abuse in all areas.It also gives people a lot to talk about and generates some really heated, emotional discussions. I hope that helps. It’s tough to look at such a negative issue and find benefits, but it’s a good lesson to try to look at every issue from both sides. Good luck with your paper and good for you for choosing this topic.

  11. isoimmunize says:

    I have seen quite a few puppy mills, and some are very respectable and decent…and usually run by an old retired couple who love dogs. They treat them well, keep them clean and well fed…and also supplement their social security. I bought a VERY nice Pom from a place like this. Very nice clean place and nice people, who had all the time in the world for us. They were not cheap, and their quality was top notch.The pup checked out fine at the vet…..she is 6 yrs old now, and we have not had one bit of health problems w/her. Great personality….just a nice little dog.

  12. nightflit says:

    There are not much reasons why this is good. The only reason is the stupid ugly puppy mill owners get money for no reason! I don’t know if this is good or not but puppy mill dogs are cute? Nah puppy mill dogs are infested with diseases and sick on the inside. STOP PUPPY MILLS!

  13. bepretty says:

    I hate puppy mills but i guess they give people dogs and other people money

  14. Scientist says:

    NOTE: My answer is purely fictional since the question was asked for an essay. I do not condone puppy mills. However, the essay requires reasons they are good so here goes.They supply an unlimited supply of puppies to the world so any time anyone wants a dog, they can easily find one.They breed enough dogs that there are extra that can be sold to and tortured by scientists who do animal testing, possibly helping to cure diseases.They create an income for the people doing it, helping our economy and reducing the unemployment rate and reducing welfare.Again..this is only for the purposes of the essay. Puppy mills are horrible.

  15. oldtext says:

    There really is no good reason. The only reason why they are still going on is because people buy from pet stores and pet store buy from them. So all it is is a way to make money that should be outlawed!

  16. bethgea says:

    Reasons for your essay-The term “puppy mill” is a derogatory term used to discredit large scale dog breeders. There breeders are not necessarily bad or unethical or irresponsible. Yes, some are, but most are legal operations that just get a bad reputation because of a few well publicized dirty operations. There are several political activists groups who have massive PR and propaganda budgets who target these private dog breeders for a slander campaign. Yes, there have been some bad breeders, but without these breeding operations (i refuse to call them puppy mills unless they prove themselves to be abusing animals). Without these breeders selling puppies for a reasonable price, everyone who wanted a pure, registered dog, would have to deal with the show dog breeders. These people charge 5- 10 TIMES what the non show breeders charge. Not to mention that show breeders are extremely picky about who they sell to. They require invasive background checks and contracts that force you to relinquish the rights to the dog you purchased. So. here are a few characteristics of both. Show breeders – expensive- good chance of a high quality dog- more knowledgeable about their breed- restrictive contracts- background checks- wont sell to you without a wooing process (they have to decide they like you)- probably treats their dogs well- will force you to spay/neuterNon show breeder- less expensive- dog is less likely to be of show quality- easier to make purchase without a lengthy process of approval- no contracts- wont help you with training after the purchase- has a bad reputation- may or may not treat dogs well- wont force to you spay/neuterSo really the biggest “for” is their lower price and less restrictive contracts and no violation of privacy with a background check. The number one reason is price.

  17. stylohyal says:

    The reason why you can’t think of any solid reasons why they’re good is because they’re not good. Period! No matter what anyone tells you. Puppy mills are BAD!

  18. margents says:

    Puppies are cheapMany to choose fromMany different breeds availableExotic looking and sounding designer dogsAll dogs need a homeEasy place to get a petYou are giving money to a family that may not have a lotYou are buying into the economyYou don’t have to spend your time researching different breedersMost are availble at your local pet store

  19. joules says:

    Well…they churn out a lot of puppies of all different breeds…so people have a lot to choose from just from one breeder…that is all I can think of.

  20. skedlock says:

    non at all i guess if you have to come up with a reason then i guess the puppies are easy to obtain that’s all i can think of. my dad got his step daughter a pup from a puppy mill it cost £4000 to correct the jaw to neck issues the dog had, but by that point you cant disappoint a kid when the kid loves the dog. They were stupid to get a dog from a puppy farm anyway i thought he would have known better! but then your even more of a dick to get a puppy for a spoilt little girl who decided a month after she had the puppy that she no longer wanted it she wanted a horse instead and they got her that to. The pup got kept because when it was ill the kid took interest, retards !

  21. hostnik says:

    Ask your teacher about the problems with finding a good point of a puppy mill, but because there are no good reasons that they are good, your teacher might tell you to find a different topic, or just say that you can not find any good reasons that puppy mills are good in your paper.

  22. deutschland says:

    “puppy mill” is a derogatory, name calling tactic, used against any breeder. It’s the same thing as calling a black American a “niger”, a Hispanic a “****” etc. You need to change the name of your persuasive essay. Why are puppy breeders good VS why are puppy breeders bad. Do we even need puppies? What would the world be like without any puppies? The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) hates people who raise puppies. The HSUS wants NO ONE to breed a puppy on purpose. I love puppies. I hate people who call others names, such as “puppy mill”.

  23. nimious says:

    Easy way of saying itits not in an animal lovers perspective but in an animal haters perspective it is trying to kill and make a bunch of health problems for sweet animals.Harder way of saying itA puppy mill, sometimes known as a puppy farm, is a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare and is often in substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care. Similar types of operations exist for other animals commonly kept as pets or used as feed for other animals. The term can be applied to operations involving other animals commercially bred for profit, e.g. “kitty mills.” There are an estimated 4,000 puppy mills in the U.S. that produce more than half a million puppies a year.Commercial kennels may be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture which may inspect the kennels routinely.For-profit breeding on a smaller scale is sometimes referred to as backyard breedingDue to the frequently poor breeding conditions in puppy mills, puppies bred there often suffer from health and/or social problems. Puppies raised in a cramped environment shared by many other dogs become poorly socialized to other dogs and to humans. Dogs are then transported over long distances in poor conditions, sometimes resulting in animal stress and death. As the surviving mill dogs grow older, they are more prone to developing respiratory ailments and pneumonia, as well as hereditary defects such as hip dyspepsia In addition, mill dogs are more prone to have problems with their temperament. Puppies from mills are usually sold as purebred dogs in an attempt to attract the higher prices associated with purebreds. However, due to the indiscriminate breeding practices of puppy mills, the dog may not actually be a purebred puppy. The vast majority of puppy mill animals are sold to pet stores by “dealers”. Some puppies are sold by dealers masquerading as authentic breeders.Hoped I Helped you

  24. Kashmir says:

    I guess that a plus side of puppy mills would be that they keep lazy, selfish people employed in a terrible economy.Or that the genetic problems that mill dogs often have keep veterinarians and veterinary specialists (orthopedic surgeons, etc) in practice.But even then, those really aren’t such great “pros” for such an evil industry.