Romeo and julliet essay really need help?

i have to write an essay regarding the relationships in romeo and Juliet and i really need help my essay title is how does shakespeare portray family conflicts in romeo and Juliet ideally i need help in terms of making a plan and need to use points evidence hook( explain structure and techniques used) and analysis can someone help me im really confused. by the way my line of arguments are the following - lord capulet is a proper father of his time, the nurse has a better relationship with Juliet and lord Capulet's reasons of anger towards Juliet. if possible can you help me by giving me hints and tips with diff rent techniques thank you

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  1. swordsmen says:

    go to and go to the romeo and juliett part. it translates it into modern language and i think it also summerizes it…

  2. elicitors says:

    You could take the angle that by Shakespeare engaging us with the two central characters to the point where we like both of them, he prevents us from taking sides. Then go onto discuss why this is important and different from other literature. He shows a good balance of both sides throughout eg by flitting from a private Montagu conversation, to a private Capulet one.And yeh you should check out the linsk the other people said.

  3. caught says:

    go to wikipedia. best website

  4. esteem says:

    I would also use [external link] …You need to analyse the language used, as well as Shakespeare’s intentions and methods. Use only small quotes, this is what I have always been told.For your first argument I would change the wording, and say that “Lord Capulet’s character fits the conventions of the time in the way that he treats Juliet.” And from that also remember not to talk about the characters as if they are real people, so mention how Shakespeare used them from time to time, e.g “Shakespeare used the character of Juliet to portray …”.Good Luck. :)