How should i start my compare and contrast essay strongly?

i need to write a c'c essay on 2 books and a film about magical realism with the structureintro,plot,setting,characters,theme,co…c'c all of them. ok i dont know how i should startmaybe somethin like "In magical realism there are many... please help first best answer gets points thank you!

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  1. chicaner says:

    I’d start with an image from one of your example books/movies OR a list of images from each of them.EX: An old man suddenly sprouts wings. A blah blah blah. A blah blah blah. These are all very different images, but they are all magical realism.I realize that the “example” sentences will be fragments, but if you let your teacher know that you know that and are doing it on purpose for effect it should be fine. (I’d talk to the teacher, NOT write it on your essay.)Save the “In magical realism there are many” for the beginning of your thesis statement, which should be the LAST sentence of your introductory paragraph.