How do i double space my essay after i have already typed it?

i just finished typing my essay, and i need it to be double spaced. and its typed on microsoft word. so how do i double space it. is there a button i push, i mean besides the spacebar. thanks =)

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8 Responses to “How do i double space my essay after i have already typed it?”

  1. nikgdoh says:

    Press CTRL and 2 at the same time, after you have highlighted the text.

  2. cambism says:

    ctrl + a then go to paragraph ribbon, line spacing and choose 2.0

  3. surveyor's says:

    First highlight it, go to the first toolbar, (starts with file, edit, view, insert, and so on) click on format. then click on paragraph, and then there is a section for spacing at the bottom….I hope i dident confuse you…=] Hope i helped!

  4. archontic says:

    Highlight everything. Then hit ctrl+2. That should do it. You can highlight everything by hitting ctrl+a, but that will also highlight any heading you might have as well.

  5. whoopingly says:

    For Office 2003:Select/highlight the whole text.Click on Format in the top menu bar.Under the rolldown menu, click on Paragraph.In the paragraph window, look for Line Spacing option and choose Double.

  6. overdaring says:

    Highlight all the text, after it’s highlighted, right click the text and click on “Paragraph”. The double space option will be in there.

  7. costectomy says:

    first highlight your essay with mouse then go to format and click on paragraph spacing then change line spacing to double space

  8. simpack says:

    You highlight the whole thing then you go on edit-paragraph then it says double space so you click on that Hope that helps :)