If i’m writing an essay about someone who’s impacted my life, how should i start the introduction? please help?

One of the most commonly made mistakes in introductions is having an opening sentence that is too general (e.g., "Since the dawn of time mankind has...", or "In the whole of Western society..."). Make sure that your introduction outlines specifically what will be in your essay.I'm not sure how far into writing the essay you are or what your writing process is, but its not always best to start at the beginning. There are several different approaches you can use: you could make a skeleton of the paper (i.e., use bulletin points and short sentences to create a "map" for your paper, then fill it out more as you synthesize your ideas); start writing down the clearest idea you have and write the essay around it (this might mean starting with what will eventually become your, say, third paragraph or even conclusion); or you can take a sheet of paper and write down your ideas randomly, then take the best ones and put them in your essay. If you're having trouble putting your thoughts into words, try telling them aloud to another person (perhaps even the person you're writing about!)Introductory paragraphs are best when they grab the reader's attention, so you might want to consider including an amusing, interesting, or poignant anecdote or fact regarding the person in question. If I were to write about my mom as an influential person in my life, for example, I might say that she was the first person in her family to graduate from college, and that her self-motivation and the value she placed on education are what ultimately led to my wanting to become a college professor in English.

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  1. CSB/SJU says:

    [Person X] has consistently been a positive influence on my life. Even since [infancy? early childhood?, some event?] he/she has provided guidance in more nuanced ways that my parents (or some alternate) haven’t been able to provide.[Provide Example] is one of the first times I can remember him/her providing a profound, character-defining experience. Blah, blah blah.

  2. razzles says:

    There is a person, a (name on characteristic of that person) person. A person who impacted and changed my life.

  3. todavia says:

    Impacted is a dental expression. Did this someone bite you?’I first encountered Billy Cann while trekking in the Ural Mountains. He was between jobs and looking after an Elk that was recovering from tonsillitis. It was Billy who spoke the first words, “Does anyone know that you are here and have you any money? Answer the second question first.” I warmed to him at once. Later, I discovered that he was an ex politician waiting to be re-elected. “I haven’t done the people enough” he said. It was obvious that the cold had affected his thinking. I tried an old trick that a psychiatrist had used on my mother. ‘Give me the vital statistics of a Mermaid’ I demanded. Billy climbed aboard his Elk and galloped away shouting ‘Shan’t’. He meant that he couldn’t. They are btw 36, 23 and 90p a kilo.

  4. longstanding says:

    give a brief description of what that person has done for you and how it affected you

  5. braininess says:

    During my life, there have been many individuals that have influenced me in some way. No one has impacted my life in such a way as my dear friend, Lucy. Her kindness and understanding came at a time when I most needed it. I dare say, that I may not even be here to write this if not for her unyielding persistence. You could say I owe her my life. I will be eternally grateful for the countless ways she came to my aid, at such a devastating time in my life.