How can I clean the dust from my laptop without opening it?

My laptop's (compaq presario CQ70 notebook) a little old and slow, but that's not a real problem, seeing as I don't use it for more than essay writing and browsing anyway. The main problem is overheating. I've got a fan cooler, but it only delays the inevitable by an two hours or so. I've googled around a bit, and the "blow compressed air into it" solution doesn't seem to do the trick, and the "without opening it" bit is the real problem, because I can't open it without destroying it. I've tried opening it up before, and it's real easy to do, if say, I want to change the RAM, hard drive, DVD player or battery. because of the way it's built, it becomes utterly impossible 'cause I have to take the keyboard off, and once it's off, there's no way to re-attach it. buying a new laptop is not an option, neither is taking it to a technician. So, any sugestions? Thanks

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2 Responses to “How can I clean the dust from my laptop without opening it?”

  1. phonotypy says:

    You can use laptop cleaning kit

  2. InfiNet says:

    There must be some way to re-assemble it after dismantling it. If you cannot do it then take it into a repair store. It could be the cooling fan needs replacing.