Is the electoral college a process or a group of people?

I am writing an essay but am a bit confused any bit of info about electoral college would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,Maresaa

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3 Responses to “Is the electoral college a process or a group of people?”

  1. batatas says:

    Its funny how people (todays kids can use yahoo answers), but can’t seem to do there own research.There is enough info out there to write a book 1000 pages long in a 24 hour period. But instead of do there own work they would rather ask. In the time they wait the could have the essay done. Let me guess she is for the OWS protesters too. The group who wants everyone to give everything to them. This is the result of today’s educational system. Man o Man we are headed for dark days. Here is your help: the search window type: Electoral Collegein the drop down you will see a list of all kinds of different searches.You can see a map of what state have more weight.

  2. zoologicoarchaeologist says:

    It is a College in the state of West Virgina were the professors get to vote for president.

  3. he-fool says:

    The Electoral College is a group of people selected to cast the actual votes for President and Vice-President. Candidates for elector are nominated by their state political parties in the months prior to Election Day. The Constitution delegates to each state the authority for nominating and choosing its electors. In some states, the electors are nominated in primaries, the same way that other candidates are nominated. Other states, such as Oklahoma, Virginia, and North Carolina nominate electors in party conventions. In Pennsylvania, the campaign committees of each candidate name their candidates for presidential elector (an attempt to discourage faithless electors).