Topic sentence for essay on Lady Macbeth?

My thesis is "in macbeth, lady macbeth is the driving force behind macbeths journey to king"i don't know how to do a topic sentence!thankssssoh my essay is about the SIGNIFICANCE OF LADY MACBETH

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  1. outdata says:

    A topic sentence covers a single paragraph. A thesis covers a longer piece of writing–an essay. The sentence you have should do very nicely, but if it was given to you with the assignment, you might want to put it in different words. In any case, you should put it at the end of the first paragraph (the introduction), with two or three sentences before it to provide a little background and lead up to it.You don’t say how long your essay is supposed to be, but I imagine it’s supposed to be a few paragraphs. So think of the aspects of Lady Macbeth’s role, or the stages of her relationship with Macbeth in their rise and after, and plan to write a body paragraph on each of them. Before you start developing those paragraphs, list those aspects or stages, with a complete sentence for each. Now you have topic sentences, or at least first drafts of them, and you can start building them up with details and examples.You might want to mention the witches in the first body paragraph, to point out that they plant the seed of the idea in Macbeth’s mind even though Lady Macbeth nurtures it.Then of courxe there’s the conclusion. You didn’t ask about it, so maybe you already have an idea about it. But if you don’t, I have email!