What subject areas should I study for the Praxis II 0014 Elementary Education Content Knowledge?

As far as the essays, should I study theory's such as Piaget'sschemas/assimilation or Kohlberg's cognitive reasoning? Does it have to be detailed. I have the Kaplan's 2006-2007 Praxis Study guide. has anyone used it and did you find it helpful for the test? I am going alternoute route.

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  1. polyphenol says:

    It’s been over a year for me, so I may have forgotten some. The pedagogy test involves Piaget, etc. The content knowledge is basic math, science, english, etc. I took the Texas version (which I’m finding is different from everyone else) and we needed to know state history. It would be safe to assume you need to know some major US history. I used the study guides and did very well. Stick with those.

  2. unmopped says:

    Praxis sells a study guide, and often school districts and libraries have them.As far as I remember all subjects that an elementary school teacher teaches are on the test. Almost all of the questions were best practice questions.Don’t fret, it wasn’t bad at all.