How many soldiers died from trench foot in ww1?

I am doing an essay and i need to know.......... how many soldiers died from trench foot in ww1 lol. i don't need to be perfectly exact down to the last soldier but i do need to have answers a little more detailed than " a few " or " between 200 and 200000 " thanks

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2 Responses to “How many soldiers died from trench foot in ww1?”

  1. backage says:

    I wasn’t able to find a statistic that told how many deaths there were. Website below says there 80,000 documented cases of trench foot between 1916 & 1918. I don’t know how many of them died though.

  2. pope-am says:

    Ahh I loved learning about World War One. Sorry I’m not sure, but you know, you shouldn’t cheat by asking others to answer your questions.