Is this a good thesis statement for an essay?

topic : My experience in ______ class has/has not been beneficial.Why?my thesis statement:My expericnce in ________ class has benefited me by helping me think "outside the box", improving my writing skills, and giving me more confidences in my writing ability.also, do i need quotes aroud outside the box

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7 Responses to “Is this a good thesis statement for an essay?”

  1. excalcarate says:

    Its decent, it is a standard thesis. It is not very creative though. And yes you should have the quotations there.

  2. amphitene says:

    It’s a fine thesis statement.You might rearrange it a bit, say: “My experience in ___ class has been beneficial in helping me think “outside the box” while my writing skills have improved, and I have gained confidence in my ability.”Outside the box probably should be in quotes. Confidence is singular…

  3. tyrannies says:

    whats a thesis statment

  4. BENNETT says:

    Sounds good! But instead of putting “outside the box” in quotations… just leave it without. :) Otherwise – sounds great!

  5. nishino says:

    I don’t know why you want to use such a hackneyed phrase as ‘outside the box’. Also it’s ‘confidence’ not ‘confidences’. I would have said.”I have gained much valuable experience in ______ class in a great variety of ways. This has benefited me by helping to improve my writing skills and giving me more confidence in that field. It has also assisted me by showing me how to think laterally and see situations from a different and more objective viewpoint.

  6. slightish says:

    It seems that more confidence in your writing ability can be attributed to thinking “outside the box” and the improvement in your writing skills as a result of what you learned in your class. Perhaps, a more concise thesis of “My experience in _____ class has given me greater confidence in my writing ability by improving my writing skills and encouraging me think “outside the box”.

  7. likelie says:

    Yes, it is a good thesis statement with a few minor errors that need tweaking. It’s fairly concise, yet it sounds as if it will encompass your entire essay. Good job with the parallel structure as well. Each point can become a body paragraph.Quotes around “outside the box”? I’d say yes, though some would argue it’s optional. It’s idiomatic, so I’m leaning toward the necessity of quotation marks. And when you get to the body of the essay, you need to be careful to explain EXACTLY what you mean by “outside the box.” Don’t just leave it at a cliche, because that is empty and meaningless.