What are some GOOD things Obama has done? compared to BAD things Bush did?

im writing a paper in which i am arguing that President Obama has been and will be a better president than former Pres. Bush was..the issues that i need to cover are- * the Iraq war* the failed economy ( how did Bush let it happen/ how is Obama fixing it?)* Civil Rights * the environment* anything else you think is crucial to this argument.Overgeneralized and embellished facts will only hurt my essay so please stick to well founded arguments. Thank you for your help. 10 points to best answer!

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7 Responses to “What are some GOOD things Obama has done? compared to BAD things Bush did?”

  1. tolltaker says:

    Bush bad: Did nothing to secure our bordersObama bad: Appointed 1 La Raza member to his staff and noninated one for supreme court.Bush bad: Pushed through the bank bailout (TARP)Obama Bad: Helped push through TARP and the stimulus bill.Bush Bad: Sent too few troops to Iraq after putting our troops in harms way on a war that was ill timedObama Good: Now that Iraq is somewhat stabalized he is sending more troops to Afganastan.Bush Bad: No Kid Left BehindObama Good: Continuing Bush policies in the war on terror.Bush Good: GITMOObama Bad: Promising to close GITMO within a year without first having a plan to make sure it happened senseably.Civil rights: Bush Appointed Colin Powell and Condi Rice (Good)Obama Appointed racist (bad)Enviroment: Bush lives in one of the greenest houses in America.Obama: nothing accomplished yet but I feel confident he will try.Bush is partly to blame for the economy because it did happen while he was in office but he also warned that Freddie and Fannie were going to crash back in 2004. Barney Franks convinced congress that Bush and McCain were wrong. It appears that they were right and Franks was wrong. Bush had steady growth until the midterm elections at which time the Democrats took control of congress. Congress decides how the budget is spent. Bush failed to tell the general population about Freddie and Fannie so I do hold him to blame for not puttiing the issue to we the people.

  2. clachans says:

    Good: Withheld torture photosBad: Stimulus package, pushing for cap and trade, universal health care, GM and Chrysler bailouts, appeasing overseas nations at our expense.

  3. chirologist says:

    Dah, er, er, er, I give up.

  4. shafiee says:

    NOTHINGReally the guy hasn’t done anything yet. Asides from making promises and giving speeches he hasn’t done anything really.

  5. Sal says:

    Today in his speech in Cairo, in so many words, Obama declared an end to Bush’s war on Terror.That alone is amazing.Shifting course back to a respect for the rule of law and the Constitution is another positive action. Coming out unequivocally against torture heralds a positive beginning as well.With respect to the economy, entering into a new era of fiscal oversight and regulation will address years of criminal neglect that happened under the Bush administrationAnd the recent acknowledgment that America has a stake in the ownership of stock in GM as a means towards getting the company through bankruptcy – while it transforms into a leaner and viable enterprise is unprecedented but necessary. Just alone the fact that Obama is going over ALL of the Bush signing statements with an eye towards undoing some of the damage caused by the two previous administrations speaks volumes.In effect the Obama administration represents a major course correction in American fiscal, domestic and foreign policy.

  6. fierier says:

    Before you try to make that argument, you should have some idea what you’re talking about. You don’t even have any info to base your opinion on.

  7. undeclare says:

    My vote goes for plankshear.