A-level and uni choices! What should I do?

I want to study -biology-chemistry-physics-maths-further mathsat A-level, but am worried that this choice is too narrow. Will I be restricting my options for the future? Do I need an essay-based subject (such as English or History) to show that I am a competent writer? If I do this at A-level, what could I study at university? Would I have to go into a science-based subject, or could I study something like Law? Thank you for your time!

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5 Responses to “A-level and uni choices! What should I do?”

  1. abnegating says:

    you could do law if you decided to. very few university’s have restrictions based on A-Level choices. i think the only exceptions are arts based subjects, but it dose not sound like your interested in going down that path. A lot of Uni’s do a one year excess course for people wanting to study something that they have no experience in.the best advice when choosing A-Levels is do something you 1) good at and know you will pass 2) something you will enjoy studying for 2 years.As far as essays are concerned, writing at degree level is completely different to writing at A-Level. University’s give classes on how to wright degree level essays so don’t worry. Also your first year of uni does not count towards your final grade, this gives you a year to get to grips with writing essays.

  2. resigns says:

    If you have a good idea of what career you would ultimately like to have, I suggest you find out what degree you need, then look on the UCAS website to see what A’ levels you need.If you don’t know what you want to do, you should take things that you like and enjoy it :)

  3. frypan says:

    Study what you will enjoy and do well at. Most universities go by points/grades rather than subjects – unless you want to do say, history at uni in which case you would need history A level I would think! I don’t know for certain on Law degrees everywhere but Bristol for example says on the website: “The School of Law accepts all A level subjects with the exception of General Studies and Critical Thinking, although you can do these as extra A levels. A level Law gives no particular advantage or disadvantage. Up to two vocational A levels (AVCEs) may be offered, but applicants must also offer at least one GCE A level.”My advice would be to do what you enjoy and if this is science subjects then that’s great because they are well regarded.

  4. miaous says:

    That is such a good mix, with “traditional” subjects that are really tough. If you do well in all of them you’re pretty much guaranteed a place at university.If at all, maybe maths and further maths together could be a bit too much, and if you’re worried about needing an essay subject, drop further maths and take english/history. But it really isn;t necessary, as I suppose you want to do medicine/engineering at uni? If so, essay skills aren’t greatly needed. For economics though, it might help to have an essay subject. But it’s no disadvantage not having one.EDIT: just noticed you said Law, well in that case then yes, History and English are musts really. Drop further maths for english, and perhaps biology for history as it’s only really necessary for medicine. If you keep your original choices, you’re sidelining yourself into science-based courses at uni. You could still do Law without English and History, but if other people apply with a couple of arts subjects, they would get priority over you.

  5. seminaristic says:

    Hey ;) The truth is, unless you want to go on and do a very specialised course in the future (which very few do) then it won’t so much depend on WHAT you did at a-level, but more on HOW you did.In my university there’s loads of people studying Law, who didn’t do the subject at A-level or even AS level, and instead did Sports, maths, sciences, etc. However, to get onto any university course, you’ll need to show that you’re a hard worker, and willing to put the effort it. Basically, do the subjects you want to do, no-body’s expecting you to have your future beyond college planned out right now, least of all the university admission people. ;)