How do I fix my laptop?

There is something wrong with my laptop, and I don't know what to do. It's got me really stressed because that's where I do all my work, and everything is gone.I was browsing a regular site that I feel safe with, when my computer asked me if I wanted to allow changed from Adobe flash player. Since it wouldn't leave me alone when I clicked 'no', I finally let it. Immediately, everything began to run slowly, and my 'back' button stopped working. Something called "windows 7 fix" popped up and started telling me there were a bunch of errors on my computer concerning space and corrupted files. It wanted to fix these things, but it didn't work very well, apparently, because it announced its failure in most areas to me a few minutes later. All of my icons disappeared, and a notice popped up wanting to restart the computer, so I did, not seeing any harm in doing so. Now my wallpaper is black, none of my libraries or games are there, and all my icons are gone. So far as I can tell, the only thing left on my computer, aside from this "windows 7 fix" is and an mmorpg. This is especially disappointing to me because I defeated a particularly hard part of a game yesterday that no longer seems to be there, along with the fact that all of my essays and stories are no where to be found.I thought I would try to restore my system to a few days before, but all of the accessories are gone.Could someone please tell me what to do? And if not that, tell me what the problem with my computer is so I can find a solution?

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4 Responses to “How do I fix my laptop?”

  1. calorifical says:

    Sounds like you got attacked by a fake adobe flashplayer trojan when you finally clicked yes you activated the virus and it attacked your system. what kind of antivirus are you using that it wasnt able to detect or stop it? at this point it sounds like the virus has even infected your system restore files (which most viruses do now a days) the best thing you can do is try and boot into safe mode. Press F8 while the computer is booting up , Run your antivirus i would also suggest downloading Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes.Microsofts new Security Essentials anti-virus/spyware/malware program or AVG anti virus.If all else fails you may need to do a full factory restore to the computer.

  2. minphys says:

    your hard drive seems to be corrupted or crashing. You should try and get all the information off of it that you can (usb or exterior harddrive) then try using a antivirus to get rid of everything if it is just a software problem. If that doesn’t work, you should find a tech-savvy friend or bring it into a computer repair shop. If the computer is pretty old though, it might be cheaper in the long run just to get a new computer.

  3. smrke says:

    restart your laptop into safemode with networking by tapping f8 or f10 on start up , choose safe mode with networking, when its booted download superantispyware and malwarebytes, update both and run full individual scans , let the scans run and finish then restart laptop normally , these 2 free programs will remove the nasties that have hijacked your laptop.when youve rebooted after the scans run a system restore .

  4. markovic says:

    The windows 7 fix thing is a virus. It has likely hidden your files and folders (they’re probably still there but hidden), changed your wallpaper to a black screen and removed your desktop icons and program (start menu) folders and shortcuts.The safest bet if you do not have a backup of your documents is to get a professional who can backup your docs, remove the viruses and repair all these things for you.However, if you really want to try yourself then first do a system restore back to a few days before you got this virus – to open system restore manually go into (My) Computer and browse to C: WindowsSystem32restore then double click on the rstrui.exe file – this is the system restore program that your missing Accessories shortcut would have pointed to.After the restore you may still need to unhide your documents and folders – download and run the unhide.exe program by Grinler (see source) which will unhide them for you automatically.You should also then run a variety of antivirus software to check if you still have any viruses – the free versions of Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware are good.You didn’t mention if you have any antivirus software? If you don’t then try Avast Free or, for the best security, buy Kaspersky or Norton Internet Security to prevent this happening again – and always backup your documents to an external flash drive/USB hard drive in case of attack by viruses or hard drive failure.