How do you write a magazine article?

lmfao, i haven't written an article since my start of high school... and now, three years later, i'm doing my final year, and i'm asked to write one. my topic: homelessness. i have to address the extent of the issue, its causes, and how society should address it. i've got all the info i need from the textbook, but idk how to start writing the's a magazine article.i did an intro with a quote, but i dunno what to say for the second line. what is the format? i'm used to writing creatively and using many descriptive words (essay-style), but i'm not sure as to how to structure the article and what to include and what to omit. thank u:)

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    yeah i know what you mean haha… its difficult to transition.I would first suggest looking through a random magazine. thats what i do to get a general idea of how my writing should be, the flow, format etc.. just to kind warm yourself up i suppose.after you do that, start with a “lead.” This is your first paragraph, make it short and sweet. This can be just a sentence. Think of something that will make readers go “wow, I have to read this article!” It may help you get in the “journalism mood” if you write it in the width of a newspaper column. If you think about it, newspaper columns are really skinny and likewise their paragraphs are short and to the point.From this point, you should write it in the “inverted pyramid” style. Basically, think of a pyramid and flip it upside down. The biggest portion is on the top, the smallest portion is on the bottom. This means that you put the MOST IMPORTANT information on the top, such as “Innmate shot as running towards fence.” You put the LEAST IMPORTANT information on the very bottom of the story. Journalists do this so that if their reader gets bored with the story and stops reading, they won’t miss anything important.Some general tips:Use quotes from the book if you can to make it seem more authentic.Write in short, brisk sentences. This is an article, not a narrative 5-page paper.Remain unbiased. This supposed to be a news article- so don’t start talking about how you feel about the matter.If you want to make it look like a real article, you can make a mock-up in Microsoft Word. Just go to Format>Columns to put it in news columns. Also, you can go to Insert>Text Box to make a “headline” at the top of the story. I would recommend using Arial bold for the headline.hope this helped and good luck! :)

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    Try to find something that ties in with the quote. (how the quote relates to homelessness etc( If you can’t it might be best to start in some other manner. For example, you can try to paint a picture on the “homeless family” before including your other information. Profound statements are good starters. AVOID CLICHES! If you have quotes from people about homelessness and they are good, you should use them because quotes make the story come to life. I think it might especially add to the extent of the issue section. However, the “how society should address it” should focus on your opinion of it. Use clear language that persuades readers to agree with you. Add nice concise language and try to do more “showing than telling” (aka descriptions etc) Use second person and present tense. Make sure to have a catchy title -a play on words is usually a great title. Separate your paragraphs by topics and add a nice conclusion at the end- tying in the intro can be effective. To summarize, make it informative, but don’t lose your voice when writing the article. You can have the same type of tone as your creative writing (if your creative writing involves your opinion on something) just be careful not to be overly-biased or offensive