What criteria should President Obama use to select Supreme Court Justices in the future?

i need to write a college level essay answering this question and i am having trouble coming up with anything except for experience? Any suggestions ?Thanks in Advance !

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4 Responses to “What criteria should President Obama use to select Supreme Court Justices in the future?”

  1. JI says:

    Obama’s selection process… black… communist or easy to manipulate!

  2. mounths says:

    President Obama should select Court Justices on the criteria of their values, merits, and morals. Most political figures will make sure these calues, morals, and merits match closely with their own as to make sure the gov. stays some what in the President’s control. An example fo this would be John Adams right before he went out of office.You might want to check some think tanks and other blogs to get ideas. Some places you might want to che be google.com/unclesam

  3. gongman says:

    Why not go dig up the videos of Obama describing the criteria he planned to use, when announcing the Justice’s retirement; and the one where he announced he’d chosen Sotomayor? Those would be a good starting place.Then you could dig up the screaming against Sotomayor by the wing-nuts for more ideas.Can you really think of NO criteria but experience for such a post?Your assignment is asking you to THINK.

  4. archer says:

    It is going to become less important as we move into the future. The New World Government will not really care about our Supreme Court Justices. They will become a facade.