Is the Macbook laptop good?

I would like to get a Macbook for next year since I need a laptop cause i'm switching schools to a school where they require them. I almost have enough money for a macbook with all the configurations i want and tax added on and stuff.. i would mostly use it for internet browsing, typing essays, the webcam, aim, itunes, basic things like that. Since I have almost all the money and there is nothing else I would like to buy with it do you think I should get this laptop, and is it a good laptop?

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3 Responses to “Is the Macbook laptop good?”

  1. disenthrall says:

    It’s okay (the G3, G4 and G5 Mac were a LOT better).Mac OS is a LOT better than windoze (Mac has no viruses, horses, worms, BSOD, hackers, etc.). Also Mac OS X comes with iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, etc.

  2. alchemilla says:

    they’re good laptops. its a bit over priced as you can find better hardware for the same price, but you have to keep in mind your paying for the OS! and dont let the fanboys fool you, macs do get viruses (not as often as PC’s) im hell, they even sell anti-virus soft ware for mac!

  3. SHANTELLE says:

    Yes. Macs are high quality hardware.[On viruses: Yes, there are a few. Like in the tens. Not the literally millions of Windows viruses. Antivirus software is more so you don't accidentally infect other people's computers who are running windows. That, and they want to sell you a product. There are even Linux antivirus programs, and Linux has NEVER been breached.]