What’s with this Windows XP problem?

My computer, which is a Windows XP, has been freezing every hour or around that. I'm usually on some gaming program. When I get these hourly freezes, the music on my game is still playing, but nothing in it is moving. I've put the game in windows mode and tried to close it but that also doesn't work. I've tried alt~tabbing and alt~f4ing (since my game is almost always in full screen), but all it shows is the little tab thing. It doesn't even move. I've tried using CCleaner, Malwarebyte's, and Microsoft Essential to try to clean up and fix the problem, checking for virus and so on, but nothing suspicious appears. Sometimes, I can't even finish my scans because after an hour of scanning, my computer is frozen.Any solutions? I'm scared to think what'll happen when I start typing essays for an hour and more.Help is appreciated!

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