Can anyone help me with this essay prompt?

I need help understanding this prompt, like what are they asking for..Camus identifies a hero as one who resists the illusion of a rational order while also resisting despair. I have to examine certain characters through the above prompt. But i hardly even understand what they are talking about.

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  1. philbeck says:

    Your prompt seems to be asking you to identify a hero as being an individual you does not necessarily see any value in what society demands of them, and in contrast creates their own meanings in life by which they conduct themselves (in short, people who resist buying into society just because everyone else says they should as that’s what is rational and “right”), and does not become overwhelmingly depressed by the opposition they face from the rest of society who wants them to conform to the normal ways of being and thinking.In your prompt they may be making allusions to The Outsider (“L’Etranger”), and Meursault’s character that avoids buying society’s convention of right and wrong to determine his own morality. This does not work out for him very well, but Meursault would be a good exemplification of a hero by Camus’ definition.Good luck!