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1. What did the Tang Dynasty do to try and make the government more efficient and effective? (Points : 1)created a legislative body made up of common citizensrequired government officials to be Confucian scholarsbuilt the Grand Canal and repaired the Great Wallbrought back the civil service examination system2. What form of literature flourished under the Tang Dynasty?(Points : 1)essaypoetrysaganarrative3. Which best describes the rising prosperity under the Song Dynasty?(Points : 1)Military conquests in Southeast Asia increased the amount of goods being exported.Increased opportunities in government for commoners resulted in a growing upper class.An emphasis on agriculture and trade resulted in a rising standard of living for most.A renewed interest in Buddhism helped establish new trade routes to India.4. Which would most likely be the subject matter of a Song Dynasty painting?(Points : 1)a detailed landscape of a mountain valleya village scene showing a market and merchantsa battle scene depicting soldiers charging the enemya scene inside a classroom showing Confucian scholars5. Which is not an example of a technological achievement of the Song Dynasty?(Points : 1)movable typepaper moneywaterwheel for irrigationmagnetic compass for maritime navigation6. What was the Silk Road? (Points : 1)a road used by trade caravans that connected China to Persiaa vast network of trade routes that stretched across central Asiathe trade routes that connected northern China to southern Chinathe roads used by Chinese traders to transport silk throughout China7. The Silk Road was responsible for the movement of all of the following except __________. (Points : 1)horses, silk, spices, and porcelainpapermakingrepresentative democracyBuddhism and Islam8. How did the native people of Mongolia live in the twelfth century?(Points : 1)as city-dwellersas hunter-gatherersas farmersas nomadic herdsmen9. Which best explains how the Mongols under Genghis Khan were able to establish and maintain a large empire?(Points : 1)They created huge armies that used chariots and then divided conquered territories into provinces.They were skilled horsemen who adopted new military technologies and used terror as a weapon.They used diplomats to convince neighboring nations to become allies with them.They invented the cannon and the catapult, which allowed them to lay siege to enemy cities.10. Which describes a lasting legacy of the Mongol Empire?(Points : 1)the introduction of Islam into central Asiathe expansion of Buddhism into the Middle Eastthe creation of the Silk Roadthe loss of Chinese culture in northern China11. Which letter indicates the area that represents the size of the Mongol Empire at its greatest extent?(Points : 1)ABCD12. Which is not an example of China's influence on early Korea and Japan?(Points : 1)Japan and Korea adopted the Chinese system of writing.Japan and Korea modeled their capitals after Chang'an.Japanese and Korean governments were meritocracies.Buddhism spread to both Japan and Korea.13. How did Japan's geography influence its inhabitants?(Points : 1)A feudal society developed in Japan.Many Japanese earned their living from the sea.Buddhism did not take hold in Japan.Most Japanese adopted Confucianism as a philosophy.14. Which was not something the aristocracy did during the Heian period?(Points : 1)enjoyed poetry and musicdressed in expensive clotheslived in large houses with gardensproduced beautiful pottery and jewelry15. Which group in Japan's feudal hierarchy was awarded land and was responsible for providing soldiers to fight in wars?(Points : 1)daimyopeasantsshogunsamurie

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    required government officials to be Confucian scholarsPoetryAn emphasis on agriculture and trade resulted in a rising standard of living for mosta village scene showing a market and merchantswaterwheel for irrigationa road used by trade caravans that connected China to Persiarepresentative democracyas nomadic herdsmenThey were skilled horsemen who adopted new military technologies and used terror as a weaponthe loss of Chinese culture in northern China11. <- Whichever is the largest stretching from china to persiaBuddhism spread to both Japan and Korea.Many Japanese earned their living from the seashogun

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