Should I wait for Black Friday to get a laptop? And what brands are reliable?

My 3 year old Acer Aspire 9300 just failed me recently. The bottom right corner of the screen just popped out all of a sudden, and I realized it would be very costly to try to repair it. I was thinking of waiting for Black Friday to buy a new laptop, but I'm not quite sure. I bought one of the Acer netbooks from Costco last month as a current backup, since I can return it within 3 months without any question, but I want a normal capable laptop. What I'm looking for right now is anything from 13 to 15 inches at most screen wise, with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 6 cell battery, any optical drive, webcam, and for under 700 preferably. I just want a laptop that fits in my backpack that allows me to go to class to use without plugging it in for at least 2 hours of the day. I usually just admittedly, browse Facebook, type essays, and browse the web in general, since I don't game. Currently, the Bestbuy BF Ad is out and there's a Sony Vaio going for around 500 that I'm interested in, but I would have to be at Bestbuy by at least 7 PM Thanksgiving night if I really want to get it. I think this year, I may not be able to wait early in the night, so I just wanna ask, does anyone know of any good deals? I'm looking at HP's, Dell's, Asus', Sony's, Acer's, Toshiba's, and I just want the most reliable computer for the reason's I stated under 700. Please help me! I'm really out of it on computer knowledge, it's been the longest time since I've touched this topic.Thanks in Advance! (Sorry for the long post T_T)

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5 Responses to “Should I wait for Black Friday to get a laptop? And what brands are reliable?”

  1. antiposition says:

    According to me the Best Buy Sony VAIO is the best so far. You can even get a HP or Dell those are good brands. Office depot has a HP for sale. You can check out some cool deals on or follow them on facebook [external link] …

  2. mutatis-mutandis says:

    I think if you want to wait for Black Friday you can or else apart from that you can easily purchase a refurbished laptop

  3. duncishly says:

    I have an old (4-5 years old) HP pavilion that still works half-a**, sadly though it no longer lets me onto the internet, but that’s probably a simple enough problem to deal with. (I too got this beloved machine at a black friday sale many a year ago, it was a walmart special)I also had a toshiba, but after only a few months it had major problems (even before it got dropped…3 times)I don’t know much about computers (it still dumbfounds me as to how my HP lasted so long). But you seem to know your stuff and what you want, so I can’t see any reason you should have problems finding what you need.The thing with these sales is that there is always a limited number of items and an unknown number of people wanting them. If you have a good feeling about a certain computer GO WITH IT. Don’t just buy something because of it’s low price.And don’t worry about the post, you should see the length of some of mine!

  4. plonk says:

    yo this other guy is smoking crack…do not get a dell, if you are looking for a PC go with HP! i have much computer experience and HP is the best PC brand (right under alienware computers) but apple is having a sale were you can get up to 30% off all mac’s…something to consideri would wait till black friday for a HP

  5. outplod says:

    Yes, and go for Dell but not just any dell, you want something in the Latitude line… The Inspirons are trash and tho less expsensive, they are designed to fail.