Title for my environment essay, any ideas?

So, my essay is on the destruction of the environment, on a natural land which preserves many natural resources.It is basically about developments happening there and how there are many people trying to prevent it. I want a catchy and WOW title. The one I have in mind is "Environment Massacre", are there any other ideas?

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4 Responses to “Title for my environment essay, any ideas?”

  1. ablative says:

    “EARTH’S SUFFOCATION”yours is also good

  2. vaxhost says:

    THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIROMENT.Hahaha im joking.How about:The torture of our planet.Or, Expandation=Destruction (use a better word for Destruction..just cant think of one)Industrialising kills the earth.And Then The World Ended.Hahahaha i dont really think they are any good but there you go..

  3. nathoo says:

    why dont u talk about the oil spill that would b a good topic

  4. semihexagonal says:

    i <3 the title u hav or go for something similar going green or sumthing catchy but the one u hav is excellent