What is a reasonable priced printer to run with Vista Home Premium?

I have just upgraded to a new comp with Vista with it. My old printer won't install so I have to buy a new one. I print alot of course work (essays) but not a lot of colour (but some ). Printers look pretty cheap at Argos etc but do they cost a fortune in printer cartridges. What would you go for on a budget of about £50?

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  1. gomez says:

    Post this question on Computer Q’s [external link] should be able to find an answer there and login is easy (it was for me) They have a good Tech Staff but lust about all printers can run on VIsta just configure through the control panel but Lexar makes great printers for cheap and the ink is nicely priced to. (stick out more money if you are doing pictures and colors though)

  2. evictions says:

    Just look around for the decent printer we could recomend a printer but you might not like it mate get your own then it’s your mistake not ours.

  3. Kalmuk says:

    Kodak have a printer which costs a little more to buy initially but the ink is really cheap, I got one and can highly recomend it. Its the Easyshare 5300. It works well with Vista.

  4. zaire says:

    any and every printer works with vista. you just need the appropriate installer. your printer must have come with a cd, right. now the software which came with it was only meant for xp and the os before it. just go to your printers website and for that printer download the appropriate software for vista and install it. your printer should work. i have a hp 1400 all in one which came with the installer cd for xp. i upgraded to vista last week. i did the same thing.

  5. blendcorn says:

    The KODAK All in one 5100 was priced at £49.99 in Argos recently, and both colour and Black ink cartridges are reasonably cheap to replace.

  6. unexpectedness says:

    Buy a black and white laser printer. [external link] got this one, £40 inc vat and includes toner cartage.tone lasts and lasts, very cheap to printyou can easy buy refill toner kits for around £10, pour out the dead toner and pour in the new.i was so happy with it a got another as a present for my dad.i run a business and print lots and lost of invoices on it.So far i got through 10 reams of paper (5,000 sheets) and am still on the original toner that came with the printer.must be less than 1penny per a4 print.as your a student? i think the toner included will more than last your whole course. And many of your student friends.prints fast to 20 pages per min, very crisp text (as you would expect with a laser printer). Far sharper prints than any ink jet pinter .very small (about the same size as a ink jet printer).I cant understand why people still buy ink jets!Even Colour laser printer are £100. (pc world and staples), but very big beasts, they have to be to fit in four (red, blue ,yellow & black) toner rollers in.p.s I have Vista too, driver works fine.also the samsung software inc has settings to print colouor pic’s in b’w that look clear (not washed out).if you need colour prints (photo’s) use a friends or go to boots and use the photo printer in store.30p single photo print, or as low as 5p if printing lots.(cheaper than buying the photo paper alone)