My teacher just told me about this essay today and its due by monday, I am freaking out because I dont have any ideas! PLEASE HELP.TOPIC: My essay is about who is MOST responsible for the deaths of romeo and juliet? (Consider: Romeo, Juliet, Friar Laurence, Lord Capulet, Nurse, Fate, The Feud, Timing, Haste, poor communication, etc.. )Who IS RESPONSIBLE ANYWAYS? I think romeo is but I dont have any ideas!

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  1. hunsberg says:

    Romeo took his life away, but the family feud, then falling for Juliet triggered it.

  2. koppie says:

    No, Romeo is not responsible for the deaths. The parents… the fued between the families. Whoever they got the potion from.The fued between the families is why they couldnt date or “be together”. If the families had just gotten over their fued, then Romeo and Juliet could have been together. So, they commited suicide “in the name of love”… understand?

  3. pearlitic says:

    William Shakespeare XD