I am so nervous because I have to read an essay at a school assembly tomorrow! Please help!?

A few weeks ago, we had to write essays about what it means to be an American. Tomorrow veterans are coming to my school because veterans day was this week. Anyway, tomorrow there will be an assembly, and my essay was chosen, so my teacher wants me to read it. I am so nervous and am freaking out! I will have to read it in front of the whole grade plus all the teachers and veterans. Its a 2 page essay, so I'm afraid that people will be bored, or I will mess up. Can someone please help me fast!

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5 Responses to “I am so nervous because I have to read an essay at a school assembly tomorrow! Please help!?”

  1. gundog says:

    dont worry you’ll be fine…good luck :]

  2. judd says:

    just look at this way…you have the paper in front of you, so just read it! take time tonight and just practice reading it aloud so you’ll be comfortable with it!GOOD LUCK!

  3. musicproof says:

    i get nervous too. but every time i do i think..it’s going to be fine.i’ll get through it.if you think they r going to be bored try to add some jokes or make something in your speech more intersting.if you mess up correct your self, i dont think anyone will hold it against you.

  4. disestablishes says:

    Your classmates will definitely be bored. Most classmates are when someone has to read something. Unless some are really devoted to school. The teachers and veterans will pay more attention. Calm down before you read your essay. Take deep breaths. Try to not pay attention to anyone and just read as if you were inside an empty place. It might be hard but I have hope for yuh. :) Hope you do well!

  5. kgordon says:

    Take it slow. Don’t worry. Just try to put some emotion into your voice to keep the audience engaged. Look up and make eye contact with the crowd, but don’t just stare at one person the whole time. Find a friendly face and just act like you are having a conversation with a friend, just a bit more formal.Good luck,oh, and act confident…look proud of what you are saying