Would this be an okay book for me to read?

Im a highschool freshman and in engligh class today we had to wright an essay on a passage from the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and my engligh teacher said that it was an interesting book and from what I read in the passage i thought it would be an interesting story to read. But... would anyone who has read it recommend it to me (a highschool freshman)? Do you think the book would be too graphic for me or do you think it would be all right?PS : My parents are kind of strick about that kind of stuff but i've read books like All The Kings Men and Dracula(but those weren't really graphic) and Im not squeamish.

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  1. Beaumont says:

    I’ve read two McCarthy novels. The Road is one of them. The other is Blood Meridian, which is infinitely more graphic and violent. The Road is essentially built on haunting imagery. Not necessarily gruesome (there’s that, though), just haunting. And yes, there’s some adult issues around: slavery, cannibalism, murder, torture, suicide, theft and plunder, to name a few.

  2. cuppa says:

    that’s something you should decide for yourself.

  3. amercement says:

    The Road is one of my most favorite books. But some parts of it left me a little disturbed.. The book can be pretty graphic. There is cannibalism, suicide, and theft. This book will leave pictures in your mind that you wont be able to forget.if your parents really do monitor your reading, then i doubt they would want you to read something like this. But then again, you are in High School already. you should be able to read what you want.I really love this book because there is so much emotion, and the father’s will to survive and protect his son is so strong that its heartbreaking. after i read this book i realized how much we take so many things for granted, and how lucky we are to be living the way we do. as for your question, i think it would be ok for you to read. Just beware.. some parts are pretty disturbing..