What do you think is Ho Chi Minh’s tragic flaw?

I'm trying to write an essay about tragic heroes and I was assigned HO CHI MINH. I can't seem to find his tragic flaw.. I've searched all over the Internet and he seemed to be just a regular person who had a nice life in Vietnam.Can someone help me find the tragic flaw of Ho Chi Minh? I need it for the thesis! Thanks!Ho Chi Minh: [external link]

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  1. besigh says:

    Ho Chi Minhn’s tragic flaw was the US was not ready to back him against the French after WWII. Ho Chi Minh received support from the US to fight the Japanese in the war. When he wanted his country to be free after the war, the US was behind the French who wanted their colony back. So he can be seen as a revolutionary that wanted democracy but was forced to use communism because it was the only alternative that supported his country to be free. Ironic isn’t it.