What is a rhetorical and referential summary?

I'm starting my essay for my writing class, but not sure what is included in a rhetorical and referential summary? Maybe you can help clarify. Thanks!

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  1. mitch says:

    A purpose of a rhetorical essay is to explain the authors purpose in writing the paper. It also includes who the author’s primary audience, and secondary audiences are. You are to discuss the authors view on the subject matter. Does he/she agree disagree. What tone does the author use, is it mocking or satirical? Judgmental or neutral? What relationship does the author have to the audience. What kind of words or choice of detail does the author use. AND SO ON….Also explain the author’s use ETHOS, PATHOS and LOGOS…credibility, appealing to emotions (e.g. relationship, empathy, sympathy etc.) , and logic.I think a referential summary is just a short column or paragraph etc. that basically lists what a text is about. In essence it’s like a more detailed glossary. I could be wrong on this.GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PAPER =P