1st thing that comes to mind when you hear “Canadian”?

I'm doing this assignment for school you can say it's an essay about the 1st thing that comes up to people's mind (non-Canadians) when they hear the name of the country Canada? Being a Canadian, I can't imagine what kind of stereotypes people might have about us. So be open, and try not to offensive and say what comes up to your mind when you hear the word "Canada" or "Canadian".

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  1. cynethia says:

    Aardvark souppoodle hair do’s on the woman’s

  2. kalanuk says:

    Dudley Doright! Hockey.Cold summers, colder winters.LaBelle Province splitting from the rest of Canada.I lived across from Soo, Ontario. Bet you don’t even know where that is. Canadian you are? Eh?And if you’re doing an essay for school about this, then I’m the Islamic pope.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. bromine says:

    Lol auggie took the words right out my mouth. but yea the word Eh

  4. gavan says:


  5. torrance says:

    The word “Eh”

  6. mftobdf says:

    since I just answered a question on canada this comes to mind. [external link] ;…

  7. worth's says:

    - covers the majority of North America- Americans hate it- Toronto- Quebec- Montreal- Not so entertaining…

  8. decisao says:

    lol, this have been my experience for years. whenever I ‘ve told people that I am Canadian, they always ask me if it is hard to wear snow- shoes all the time and did we make our own One of the reasons I was given was due to the new, it seemed that every-time the states were expecting a snow storm, it was always making its way up from canadaThen of course they are always curious about of RCMPBut the snow shoes always made me laugh especially our weather was the same as what they were experience at those times

  9. countersink says:

    No offense, but “drunk”.

  10. fient says:

    A maple leaf.