How do I make a “rough draft”?

I am an English 12 student in high school. It has come to my attention that I never write "rough drafts"I usually get 100% on essays and written assignments, but my new English teacher always insists on having a "rough draft"Here is how I normally work:1) I get a sheet of paper and write down ideas for the content and structure of the assignment2) I type it on the computer, print it off and hand it in.Simple.However, the new teacher demanded that we also submit our "rough drafts" I submitted my little ideas sheet, as well as the actual assignment, and it was handed back to me with a comment saying:"I'd like to see your first draft!"She said I would have gotten 30/30, but I didn't submit the draft.I don't particularly want to admit that I didn't do a rough draft. I looked at my friend's papers, and the draft just seemed to be a crappier version of the real thing.So my problem is that I don't "do" rough drafts. I edit the paper as I go along. By this time I would have hoped that spelling would no longer be an issue, but I guess not.So how would I go about making a rough draft?

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  1. numbs says:

    Just try not to edit as you go. Make a rough draft a pure stream of your ideas, then go back and make the changes you made as you went. Your teacher just wants to see you proofread your paper multiple times. Writing once and editing as you go is good enough for English 12, but when writing stuff for work or papers to be published, it’s not.

  2. blayzor says:

    Just like you said–a crappier version of the real thing.

  3. neutrally says:

    that is basically a rough draft, the idea paper

  4. Maspiter says:

    just write your copy like normal, make a crappier version of it with spelling mistakes, and tada!

  5. pennisi says:

    that is very suprising to me i find it hard to have a good paper with out itfirst start with an outline intro: what kinda intro strategywrite out thesis (which will be included in intro) bodyparagraph sentece (main point of paragraph)topic sentence (one of the points to support the whole point of the paragraph)then support for the topic sentencejust do that with each paragraph then conclusion strategy(note:typically have mutiple topic sencenteces) then you take the outline and expand it thats your rough draftthen you take the rough draft and proof read it make sure it all makes sence proper grammer words all that and you got your self an essay

  6. coddlers says:

    make the story you want a bit shorter, and skip a line in between each sentence so the teacher or you has room to make corrections with a pen and write down new sentences/ideas in the spaces. also a rough draft should be written in pencil, and don’t look up how to spell something, because since it is a rough draft, it isn’t worth the time. It’s like an outline, but actually written out in a shorter version of your final copy.