Which of the following will be the most useful in writing an Illustration Essay?

Question: Which of the following will be the most useful in writing an Illustration Essay about the reasons marriages fail?Answer choices:A. A definition of marriageB. The story of a marriage that failed because neither spouse would listen to the other's needs.C. A discussion of the various types of weddingsD. A discussion of the history of marriageI honestly really don't know, so I thought it was B, and my Sister thinks it's D.

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  1. ideopraxist says:

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  2. sexualize says:

    I like d

  3. robrish says:

    You can’t do both? Like, way back when people had an understanding of what they would get when it came to marriage, ya know the whole man works, woman cooks thing, but over the years as things have begun to change man and woman stopped listening/talking to their spouse to work on what would be best for them as a couple? Really, thats what happened. Man and woman had very specific roles and communicated accordingly. Now that man and woman have the same roles, sometimes communication is lost, once communication is lost, relationship fails, marriage ends.

  4. draggah says:

    D for sure!